Who We Are

History & Mission


We are All Immigrants.  That’s the first thing we tell our Students and Clients to make them feel at ease in a country that’s not their own.  That sentiment mirrors the meaning of our Organization’s name, Swaades, which loosely means, “Not of One’s Country”.
In 2016, our Founder, Trudy-Ann was volunteering as a Citizenship preparation Instructor to South Asians in the Jamaica, Queens area.  Her class roster was full and overpouring every week.  It was then she realized that there was a growing need for Citizenship and English language services. Her deep love for the South Asian culture we noticed that there was a large under-served South Asian population in the Hillside and Jamaica, Queens neighbourhood.

Swaades International was created in 2016 and designated 501(3)c status in May 2018. Swaades opened it’s doors since 2016